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Often, our clients are unaware of how efficiently their facility is functioning with respect to electrical loads!

Power Guardian Solutions offers comprehensive power quality studies to determine how efficient our clients facility’s are operating. We provide an executive summary describing the results of our power quality study highlighting areas of power quality issues. We present our clients with real data collected from their facility and educate our clients on exactly how efficiently their facility is running. Power Guardian Solutions will evaluate your power consumption with a power quality study and present you with calculated savings and real returns!

How We Can Help You

Power Guardian Solutions will provide an engineered corrective action plan including calculations that illustrate existing wasted power consumption, dollars saved with corrective action, ROI toward power remediation as well as providing the solution with our Power Guardian Systems. Let us help you by significantly lowering your Hydro Electric Invoices. Let us help you by providing the power conditioning system your facility requires. Let Power Guardian Solutions protect your electrical systems and your expensive equipment! We can’t control the rising cost of electricity but Power Guardian Solutions can help you save what you are currently wasting!

How we will save you money

Power Guardian Solutions has developed a strategic approach to offering our clients/partners a combination of optimal product packages with unrivaled service.

Power Guardian Solutions will evaluate your existing facility’s electrical loads & conduct thorough power quality studies on performance, efficiency & protection.

Our Team will create comprehensive analytics & an engineered review on your facility & present you with an industry leading power conditioning system.

Our products combine the latest in technology and protection from industry leading component manufacturers & are designed, engineered, sourced & assembled locally supporting our Canadian economy.

Power Guardian Solutions will present you with a complete breakdown on investment strategy & calculate actual dollars saved per month and through the term of your investment.

Our power conditioning systems not only provide a significant reduction in Hydro Utility cost but also offer critical surge protection for your facility which acts like an insurance policy for your electrical distribution, saving your equipment from costly failures & unexpected outages resulting in service fees

Our Mission

Save You Money

Protect Your Equipment

Clean Your Power

Power Quality Assessment

Power Guardian Solutions provides an in depth engineered study of your facility’s electrical distribution. This includes comprehensive data collection of your electrical consumption measuring several key factors in determining the efficiency of your building. Data is collected and reviewed against the history of your facility’s Hydro invoices and engineered calculations are completed to determine measures required to correct poor power efficiency. Power Guardian Solutions offers an executive summary complete with project costs and ROI’s.

Power Conditioning

Power Guardian Solutions offers a tailored approach to packaging power conditioning with our systems. Each of our clients facility’s are unique in nature and deserve a customized solution to conditioned power. Our systems are designed to reduce your electrical loads by lowering ampacity draw and KVA spikes that lead to high penalty demand charges as well as filtering voltage spikes by capturing and repurposing energy, storing it for your facility rather than allowing it do drain with penalty.

Power Correction

Power Guardian Solutions provides industry leading power correction systems that are specific to the needs of your facility. Once we have completed a Power Quality Study, we design a custom package to achieve the highest possible level of power correction using a compilation of leading technology and product selection. Our tailored design provides our clients with a complete solution to any power correction requirements.

Surge Protection

Power Guardian Solution provides surge protection with our systems that not only act to compliment our design and its efficiency but our surge protection devices also provide your facility with an additional level of protection to act as an insurance policy for your facility and the significant investment you have made with your equipment. Surge protective components are selected based on your requirements and designed to the highest degree above industry standards.

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